Comedy Coven

Sometimes you finish up a shoot and realize your friends are superheroes. Or villains? Not too sure on that one. Either way I know they're the type of folk you don't want to mess with; they are witches after all. 

Equal parts glam and goth, Lansing's Comedy Coven are an enchanting force to be reckoned with. The three witches: Tricia, Stephanie, and Emily, are supremely talented comedians, entrepreneurs, and selfless friends. I got my first taste of their occult almost a year ago today at their first standup comedy show they threw as a coven in Emily's streamer-clad living room. Libations and sarcasm were plentiful as they passed around a plastic cauldron to accept donations for the traveling comedians. A few months ago, they moved the ceremony to the beautiful Robin Theatre in Lansing. I've loved watching the Coven and their friends thrive and grow over the past year. To celebrate their accomplishments and poke fun at their misadventures, today they're hosting a "Toast", an anti-roast comedy show at the Robin Theatre. (Really it's probably just an excuse to gush about how exceptional their friends are, most likely involving more champagne?) Regardless, it's going to be a charming, feel-good night that's sure to leave you nothing short of spellbound. I'm so excited for tonight, and all of the incredible stuff they've got brewing up in the near future. The Comedy Coven are a cult worth following.

Marites WoodburyComment